Tele-Health Services

Coming soon!

Duke’s new Telemedicine programs will allow us to connect with our North Carolina patients, who become members of our website, using a secure teleconferencing program which links our office directly to your home. This program will be used for conducting one on one therapy, live group therapy for groups of all ages and family therapy. These services are available to NC residents who are an established patient at Duke. You may tune in and listen only OR have a camera and microphone on your computer for live viewing of other participants and the leader. If you would like to schedule a new patient appointment for an assessment, please login to Duke MyChart or call 919-669-0398.

Live One on One Therapy

Make an appointment with one of our therapists for personal counseling and guidance for any struggles you may be having. This is available for individuals of all ages with an eating disorder and parents who have a child with an eating disorder.

Live Group Therapy

Join scheduled parent group sessions, moderated by one of our Center therapists. These live, web-based sessions give participants the opportunity to interact, in real time, with other parents facing the same challenges. Parents share ideas and the moderator guides the group discussions for maximum benefit to all. We also offer live groups for individuals of all ages, divided into appropriate age groups.

Live Family Therapy

If your family needs help to break through some challenging family dynamics, setting boundaries, regroup and begin again or any other obstacles you may be facing, an appointment may be scheduled for child and parents to meet or the whole family.