Group Support and Q&A Sessions

Group Support

Please Note: Live Parent Group Support is available for Level 3 Subscribers located in North Carolina

Join scheduled parent group sessions, moderated by one of our Center's therapists. These live, web-based sessions give participants the opportunity to interact, in real time, with other parents facing the same challenges.  Parents share ideas and the moderator guides the group discussions for maximum benefit to all.

Our parent groups follow the program outlined in Off the C.U.F.F., a parent skills manual written by Dr. Nancy Zucker to help parents assist their child with an eating disorder.

The manual addresses skills parents need, regardless of the age of the child, and contains specific adaptations for adult children.

In addition, the program was designed not only to help parents assist their child with nutrition, but also to help their child address factors that may have made them vulnerable to developing the disorder in the first place, such as perfectionism. Perfectionism may interfere with the enjoyment of activities and fears of emotional experience that prevent them from attempting all meaningful aspects of life that have both joy and pain.

Our strategy is to give parents the tools that they need to role model the skills we want to see emerge in the child. In this way, the whole family becomes stronger and in an event which has been devastating, the family becomes a source of increasing emotional closeness and support.

Q&A Sessions

Separate from group support, Q&A Sessions (Question & Answer Sessions) focus on a particular webinar or video we share. A DCED provider will host the session, and attendees will be able to ask questions about that particular topic. 

How to register for an event: