Binge Eating

Healing on Paper

Journaling to release our emotions

The Trouble with Tracking

Calorie-Counting Smartphone Applications and Disordered Eating

The Weight of Stigma

How Attitudes and Stereotypes About Weight Affect Us All

Video: Binge-Eating Disorder

Psychoeducation and reasons people might binge

Video: Emotions & Binge Eating (Part 1)

What happens in children when they binge eat

Video: Rigid Dieting

Choosing foods based on how they make your body feel (and not based on rules!)

Video: Parent Self-Care

How parents can best support their own well-being (Video 4 of 9 in Our Anorexia Nervosa Video Series)

Video: The Family Meeting

An essential component of treatment (Video 1 of 9 in Our Anorexia Nervosa Video Series)

Food Insecurity and Disordered Eating

How Poverty Impacts the Expression of Eating Disorders