Faith that Heals, Faith that Hurts

How Different Interpretations of Christianity Can Impact Disordered Eating • Jul 15, 2019

Don't let food or your bodily desires tempt you away from God. Self-control is a sign of faithfulness. God alone can satisfy your hunger. When I first began exploring the connection between Christianity and food, these were the sorts of messages I discovered. I had begun struggling with body image issues...

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The Trouble with Tracking

Calorie-Counting Smartphone Applications and Disordered Eating • Jul 01, 2019

Over the years, various diet-focused smartphone applications have emerged. The overall intention of these phone applications is to help people lead healthy lifestyles. These phone applications often provide toolboxes that help individuals set goals, make plans to achieve these goals, and to monitor their...

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The Starvation Experiment

How Starvation Affects the Body and Mind • May 17, 2019

To inform treatment, mental health providers often like to discuss research findings with their patients. It offers an opportunity for individuals to understand a providers reasoning for using a particular modality while eliciting change. For the treatment of eating disorders in...

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The Weight of Stigma

How Attitudes and Stereotypes About Weight Affect Us All • May 01, 2019

More than two in three adults in the United States are living with overweight or obesity (1). Even as overweight and obesity have become increasingly common worldwide, harmful attitudes about weight and shape remain pervasive. These negative weight-related stereotypes and the resulting discrimination...

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Culture, Conflict, and Cuisine in China

Fat shaming in Asia has to stop - it's time parents and teachers changed their attitudes towards weight • Apr 18, 2019

A blog from one of our collaborators, as featured in the South China Morning Post. One of our collaborators, Steph Ng, recently published an article in the South China Morning Post about the impact of pressure to be thin on young women in Asia. In her article, Steph draws on her own experience...

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