Girls with autism may stop eating to blunt social pain

• Dec 13, 2019

The teenage years are a tumultuous time for many individuals, and even more so for those with autism spectrum disorder, for whom the sensory and social complexity of adolescence can be especially overwhelming. Research suggests that social difficulties may lead adolescent girls with autism...

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Comments and Adaptive Meaning Making

Making meaning of unwanted comments from others • Oct 24, 2019

Could you imagine if we all took the time every day to censor every word that came out of our mouths? Conversations would take forever! We say all sorts of things without thinking that can have neutral, positive, and negative interpretations. We're not trying to be malicious (hopefully!), but sometimes...

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Healing on Paper

Journaling to release our emotions • Aug 26, 2019

Some emotional burdens can feel too large and cumbersome to carry on our own. Whether it is extreme joy, intense heartbreak, overwhelming fear — we often feel a natural desire to share our emotions with others in order not to experience the enormity of them alone. However, when these emotions stem...

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Positive Body Image

Body Appreciation, Attunement, and Beyond • Jul 26, 2019

When you think about your body, are your thoughts positive, negative, or a mix of both? Do you feel pride, shame, or something in between? Do you feel in tune with your body, like you can sense what it needs? All of these questions tap into different aspects of body image, an umbrella term for all...

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Faith that Heals, Faith that Hurts

How Different Interpretations of Christianity Can Impact Disordered Eating • Jul 15, 2019

Don't let food or your bodily desires tempt you away from God. Self-control is a sign of faithfulness. God alone can satisfy your hunger. When I first began exploring the connection between Christianity and food, these were the sorts of messages I discovered. I had begun struggling with body image issues...

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